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Philanthropist Arbitrager and Commodities Trader

Darius Alexander Ross,speaker, author, Executive & Personal Coaching, Life Re-engineering master specialist, seminar & conference producer & promoter, corporate turnabout artist, and platform acquisition sponsor. American arbitrager and commodities trader, philanthropist. Certified business broker, merger and acquisition intermediary consultant, corporation valuation consultant; licensed real estate commercial broker and appraiser.


Ross, Darius Alexander was born on July 16, 1965 in Laurel, Mississippi, United States.


Attended, Chicago State University, 1983-86. Attended, Wright College, 1984. Attended, International Academy Design, 1985.

Attended, Lake Forest College, 1986. Attended, American Medical Association Institute, 1992. Attended, World Trade Institute of New York, 1992.

Attended, University Pennsylvania Directors Institute, 1997. Attended, Harvard University Directors Institute, 1997.

Previous Career

President Darius Ross Interest Ltd., since 1989, Black Gold III MDW Holdings, since 1989, Black Gold III Ohio Holding, since 1989, Black Gold III Wisconsin, since 1989, Black Gold III Michigan, since 1989. Board directors Rossfinaco, Darfin Holdings, Cacig Group, Creamie Inc., Tamco Holdings, Daril Holdings, Darmac Interest., Ross & Ross Associates, Altimia Holdings, Tamco Industries, Cacicg Group, Tadar Investments, Rossco Equities, Macross Trading, Ross To Ross Associate, Daalta Devels., Nelgui Holdings, Katdad Investments, Soumislau Holdings, The 79th St. Entertainment Group, Albaltal International, LLC, Macalicon Multi State Holdings, The Ross 7AM Agricultural Company, Dam 7AM Ross Company Holdings Group LLC.


Darius Alexander Ross has been listed as a noteworthy commodities trader, philanthropist by Marquis Who’s Who.


Previous Board of Directors Tilman Community Health Clinic, 1997, New York City High School of Economics and Finance Benefit Board/Business Advisory Board, Chicago Academy of Performing Arts Benefit Board. George W. Ross African American Studies Award and Foundation, Target 79th St. Redevelopment Group, Kennedy King College Computer Information Systems Advisory Board. Member Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association, Republican Senatorial Trust.

Previous Board Memberships 7AM Ross Company Foundation, Malalic Institute, , D. Alexander Ross Partners International LLC, Alexisal International Education Charities. United States Postal Advisory Board, Chicago Postal Advisory Board, Auburn Park Postal Advisory Board, Hyde Park Postal Advisory Board.

Previous Professional Business Memberships Urban Bankers Association, Turnabout Management Association, International Association Finance Engineers, Treasury Management Association, Chicago Council Foreign Relations, American Business Women’s Association, National Association Women in Education, Business Brokers Association, Future Industry Association, World Trade Association, National Community Economic Development Association, National Association Corporation Directors (secretary Chicago chapter 1997), Professional & Security International.

Previous Executive & CEO Memberships New York Stock Exchange Luncheon Club, Mid-Day Club (Chicago), Metropolitan Club (Chicago), Chicago Mercantile Exchange Club, Midam, World Super Project Federation, Executive Club Chicago, Minneapolis Athletic Club, Association for Corporate Growth, National Association of Corporate Treasurers, Council of Institutional Investors, Alliance of Biz Brokers & Intermediaries, Association of Midwest Biz Brokers, East Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Midwest Association of Family Biz Owners, American Society of Corporate Secretaries, Commercial Finance Association, Young Execs Club, Forest Akers Golf Club, Chicago Athletic Association, Chicago Athletic Association, World Future Society, Chicago Social Sports Club, Cane Bake Golf Club.

Previous University/College Faculty Club Memberships University of RI Club, Wellesley College Club, Ohio State U Faculty Club, University Club of Michigan State, University of Washington Faculty Club, Brown University Faculty Club, Columbia Faculty Club, Harvard Faculty Club, University of Pennsylvania Faculty Club, Florida State University Faculty Club,   University of Missouri Faculty Club, Texas A&M Faculty Club, University of Texas Club.

Personal Philanthropic Organizations Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association, Supporter of the Junior League of New York, Resource Generation, Responsible Wealth, Patriotic Millionaires, United For A Fair Economy.


Avocations: Tennis, soccer, volleyball, golfing, international travel, range shooting, jai-lai, polo, powerboat racing, sailing, ATV racing, road track racing, mixed martial arts, boxing.

Starve your distraction feed your focus.
Sometimes what didn't work out for you really worked out for you. Read it again.
The tragedy Of life Is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live
Focus on your goal. Don't look in any direction but ahead.
"Stay strong. One day you will be able to look back and say.... I made it."
"Hustlers don't hustle, they grind to define their vision"

Trust the process and accept the abundance of opportunities that come with undefined faith in God and the Universe, like that of a mustard seed

Freedom Ain't Free, it comes with blood, sweat and many tears...but the ultimate outcome is worth the losses endured

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